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A place of love and support for Annette, to make hard days more manageable.


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The idea to create a website for my sister came to me on a Thursday morning when she was receiving her weekly chemotherapy treatment. I wanted to find a way to spread the word that we needed more people on “Team Annie” to send love and support and to PRAY. I am hoping to keep this as a working blog for both Anne and others to share information on what she’s up to and what we are all learning during this journey.

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An ode to summer solstice

Don’t you love summer? Man, I sure do. It’s one of my favorite seasons, in second place just after spring. Tomorrow is Tuesday and I will have my weekly support group meeting and outpatient physical therapy strengthening program. These activities keep me busy!...

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Living it UP

Sitting in a waiting roomPeople are coming and goingAnd I am not aloneI waitShe comesHe goesMy own spoken friends wait with me Hunger - breakfast A small container of nutsBecomes my delight.I eat each nutOne by oneSneaking it under my maskInto my mouthAnd delight in...

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Come What May

I was just checking out my blog and realize that April got away from me and I did not write a blog post! Its certainly not for lack of writing; I am in a writing group that meets weekly and have a small writing group that meets every other week. Monday, May 3 was scan...

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Mid-March Update

When I went in for chemotherapy on March 4, 2021, the oncologist confirmed my suspicions about continuing treatment for (ahem!) three weeks ongoing for the rest of my life. Medical advances are still be made, so this is subject to change. This information was...

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