I wasn’t quite sure what I could do from Wisconsin while my sister was getting Chemotherapy in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This all came on very fast, I prefer a little more time to process information. Cancer doesn’t care about that though! I came out of the gate strong with flowers, meals, etc. But– now, we’re about four weeks into a pandemic that has separated our family.

I got a text on a Thursday morning from a friend of a friend that simply said: “We are praying for your family.” I sobbed. Sometimes I am completely blown away by the kindness people show us. This is hard. We are social distancing. There is space between us but the love remains. I try to call, text and forward cheerful information to my sister to lift her spirits. I’m not great with words, I often stutter out the “important” things like an awkward sprinkler but roll out fast quips and jokes. So- to try and bridge the gap in my communication skills I can lift my sister in prayer every day, and especially on Thursdays. I made a website because it is something I can do during times like these. I hope it is something that brings her joy and will help her on the difficult road she’s on.

With love,