I was just checking out my blog and realize that April got away from me and I did not write a blog post! Its certainly not for lack of writing; I am in a writing group that meets weekly and have a small writing group that meets every other week.

Monday, May 3 was scan day. I had a CT scan of the chest, abdomen and pelvis with contrast. CT scan showed some growth on the two liver tumors that we have been watching. It’s minor, it grew 5 mm to 7 mm but it’s still concerning. My oncologist advised that we will now do another CT scan six weeks from now instead of in three months. I was a bit shaken by the news but I am trying to be a little less shaken and I’m planning to stay the course with my fitness regimen.

MRI of the brain was unremarkable, yay! Yes, there is still a brain in my head!  I did get the doctor to admit that it is quite possible that because my cancer is HER2 positive it could spread to the brain even though I am currently receiving treatment. I don’t know that I realized this. I don’t think I fully understood how this cancer could work, nor do I fully understand it now. Anyway, repeat of the brain MRI could be in six months or in a year or if I develop headaches that are new. Something to watch for. It’s good to be informed.

I think I have now had 40 chemo treatment infusions. It’s not a number I thought I would be proud of but I’m glad to still be here.

Spring is upon us, and driving around toast week I noticed that the tulips were not quite open but appeared to be opening soon.

It has now been a month since Freddy and I got our second vaccination shot. Yay! I finally got to see my mom two weeks ago along with my sister and her beautiful family. Each visit was an absolute delight. I sat on the couch and said to Jenn and Gabe, “It is so nice to see you!” At least a few times. It was such a delight to finally see my mom too!

I’m off for my marathon day. I have pelvic floor therapy at 11 AM, my weekly support group that meets at 1:00 PM and I’m starting an outpatient physical therapy rehab program Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 PM. Man, this is going to keep me busy! So much for languishing, I guess it’s time to start thriving.

Hope you are happy healthy and well (and vaccinated)!

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