Don’t you love summer? Man, I sure do. It’s one of my favorite seasons, in second place just after spring.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and I will have my weekly support group meeting and outpatient physical therapy strengthening program. These activities keep me busy! Especially Tuesdays; my Tuesdays always feel over scheduled.

Gosh, it’s been a couple weeks now but I did have a CAT scan and I have more good news. Yay! One of the liver tumors remained unchanged and the other shrank! My oncologist consulted with a radiologist and they determined that the tumors actually may have been smaller than initially measured. Apparently there could be a difference in the size of the tumor mass depending on if the tumor is measured from the outside wall or from the inside line.  One of the tumors is between the left and right lobes of the liver, so it’s against a ligament or tendon or something that makes it difficult to measure. My oncologist was explaining all this to me and all I could think of was “it’s working, it’s working! It’s working! I’m beating the cancer. I’m going to make it!” This was my mantra last summer and I think I’ll keep it, for now.

I’ve started a memoir writing class through The Loft and I’m finding it to be very fruitful. Tell your friends, at some point in the future there will be a memoir or essay sharing a story from a survivor (that’s me) designed to help others dealing with freaking cancer.

I wish I could say I did something wild and amazing for the summer solstice celebration. I think it was an ordinary Saturday at home but I did go up to the top floor to watch the sunset. It was beautiful! There are windows facing west in the elevator lobbies of each floor and I decided to take advantage of that and enjoy the view. I’ll admit that it was my first time going up to the top floor to watch the sunset. But it won’t be my last!

Life is starting up at its new normal. We are fully vaccinated and have had our re-entry into socialization. I’m looking for a zoom class, if you hear of one, about how to talk to people in person and make eye contact. Bad joke? Forgive me. I have to say it is really nice to not need to wear a mask. Especially now that it’s summer and it’s been hot! Not as hot as Canada, though. Now those are some words I never thought I’d say.

Well that’s it for now but stay tuned and feel free to reach out, as I’d love to hear what’s going on in your world. Phone conversations or face-to-face meetings are now being accepted. Talk to my scheduler, that’s me.

May you be happy healthy and well. Blessings,