It’s been nearly 5 months since my last post. Wow! Time really does like to fly. I am currently trying to create a lasso that will allow me to capture time and hold on to it! But as you may imagine, time is rather slippery and agile and it’s hard to find the right fabric with which to catch time, especially with all the supply chain challenges currently going on.

In all seriousness, I’ve been meaning to give an update on how I’m living my best life.

I am pleased to report that the two CAT scans I’ve had since June have shown that the last remaining two tumors in my liver are stable and unchanged. I had a scan in August and a scan this month and the tumors in segments four and five of the liver are unchanged. At first I was very disappointed with this news but then I saw it as the blessing that it is: no new cancer, no spreading of the cancer, and stability of current cancer is actually pretty good news. But UHG, enough about Cancer.

My current agenda is to rewrite the narrative around what I’m tired of talking about, which is Cancer. I’m harnessing the Cancer as a powerful agent for spiritual growth. It’s like Cancer is the car that I’m driving to get to where I’m going. But I’m currently in a state of metamorphosis, like a butterfly in the chrysalis, so I don’t quite know where I’m going or who I’ll even be when I get there. All of this sure does give me a lot to write about!

This fall I let my career position go with the state of Minnesota. I kept hoping I would have the energy to return to work but it’s a bit unpredictable, the energy, and after being on a medical leave of absence for over a year and a half, the time came to let it go. It was a hard decision as I really did enjoy my work with the state of Minnesota. But I guess I could say it was also an easy decision because I hadn’t been working and I knew I wouldn’t have the energy. And I’m rewriting that narrative. I have decided to focus on my healing! And since I seem to have some ADD I am focusing my focus. Self care is front and center for the time being.

One of the therapies I discovered is called neurolymphatic reflex massage. The other is RPR which is actually used by top athletes. I am uncovering the patterns that my body has been holding and slowly breaking out of the pain cycle. And I’m still working on strengthening and getting stronger, learning about the body, nutrition, etc.

I certainly am in a much different place than I was last year at this time! I have the energy to cook, most days, and that has been really nice. Last year around this time I didn’t have the energy for cooking because I had been going for chemo every week. (I had weekly chemo from February 20, 2020 to September 2020). However, since last September the treatments have been every three weeks and this has allowed me a much better quality of life.

So thanksgiving is upon us and Freddy and I are planning to gather with my mother for a plant-based Thanksgiving. We have much to be grateful for. Quite frankly I’m just Grateful to be alive. I’m grateful to live in downtown Saint Paul and I’m grateful that I am building community right here in the Twin Cities. Slowly but surely Freddy and I are spreading our roots, finding our people and ourselves. Also I’m grateful for the advances that have been made in the treatment of breast cancer.

Let’s talk about you, my dear reader. How are you? Have we talked lately? What’s going on in your world? How are you living your best life? What brings you joy? If we haven’t talked, please give me a call! I mean it! I do enjoy talking with friends and family and the holidays are a great time to catch up. I wish you much health, happiness, safety, fulfillment and all good things.

Blessings to you!